The Salty Dog Boutique

About us

We’ve been fortunate to be able to put together the most talented group of pet people who are not only passionate about animals, but they also care about humans too. It’s a wonderful mix of experience, creativity and, of course, the strongest foundation for success – love. We believe the best businesses are about the three P’s – passion, professionalism and perfection and we’re committed to all three. We are a luxury brand but it’s not just in the materials that we use or the products we sell. It’s because we’re committed to you, to excellence, and to making the world a better place for the animals we serve.

Hannah Ruding-Bryan

Founder – Director
I’m passionate about what I do and meticulous about bringing the highest quality luxury pet products and services to clients. I’m a perfectionist (drives my friends mad!), which means I strive for the exceptional. Coming from a teaching and performing arts background, I’ve combined head and heart, resulting in the finest ethically-sourced luxury goods and services, wrapped in a bow of practicality and a customer service ethic that’s second to none. For me, The Salty Dog Boutique is about creating individually styled products and services for the most discerning of owners and their pets, big and small. Products and services that deliver impact with a twist, practicality, and, of course, unrivalled luxury. It’s who I am. Because I believe a name should stand for something.

Vittoria Miceli

Art Director
Vittoria is all about passion and creative flair, two essential qualities of The Salty Dog Boutique. She’s also really, really good at developing brands and concepts alongside designing websites that zing like a lemon Frisbee. And, as we all know, pets love Frisbees so, for Rupert & Hannah, it was a marriage made in St Ives, which, as most locals know, is a couple of clicks south of Heaven. Some call her the Queen of Consistency but we prefer Princess of Perfection.

Gemma Pellow

Boutique Manager

Gemma Pellow is the wind beneath our wings, the joy in our sandwich, the captain of our metaphorical submarine, or, as we like to (formally) call her the Salty Dog Boutique Manager. Growing up in St Ives, she knows the place like the back of her dog’s paw. Talking of which, she has an unrivalled passion for animals and used to have her own pet-sitting business. In 2015, she became doggy ‘mum’ to her beloved Nero, a schnoodle who, she says, brightens her day, is an absolute whirlwind and always by her side. Gemma’s got a discerning eye for helping humans and their pets chose the right products and is fab at creating an atmosphere that’s fun, friendly and professional – she’s promised regular visitors a belly rub & a treat (four-legged customers only!) – so we’re stoked to have her navigating the Salty Dog Boutique waters. She loves bouncy dogs and new faces! She’s in the right place, then. For more information on our Pet Sitting service, please contact us here at The Salty Dog Boutique.

Lizzie-May Amos

Illustrator / Designer
With her work designed, created and printed in Cornwall, it’s fair to say LIZZIE-MAY AMOS is a local lass. The talented designer specialises in distinctive, quirky pet illustrations. Having started producing dog and cat designs commercially two years ago, she’s matured into a much-in-demand illustrator, thanks to her knack for sharp observation and light-hearted form, along with a deadly accurate pen. Her handcrafted work has proved a rip-roaring success, particularly with locals, something she is especially proud of. The Salty Dog loves her work so it was an easy decision to invite her to join our artistic team! For more information on commissions and illustrations, please contact us here at The Salty Dog Boutique.

Ian Mowforth

Fine Artist

There’s a saying that you work through the craft to get to the art and there is no finer example of this than artist Ian Mowforth. Having spent 30 years mastering his incredible skills, he’s a much sought after international painter whose animal depictions grace many private collections around the world. Ian is renowned for perfectly capturing the essence of a subject so we’re delighted he’s joining the Salty Dog Boutique art collective. He’s currently working on a collection of terriers, using oils on panel and aluminium. For information on commissions, please contact us at The Salty Dog Boutique for more information. Prices from £365.00.

Virgenie De Man

Product Designer
Tin Tin. Beer. Chocolate. Fabulous moustaches. Belgium has given the world many wonderful gifts. And now we have one more, in the form of Virginie De Man. Self-taught, she bought her first sewing machine in 2011 and never looked back. She soon mastered the machine and began selling petite fashion accessories such as purses and bags. Instantly, her products were such a hit that she dedicated herself full-time to her creations. Virginie says that her art is about self-expression, and, thus, has become an integral part of her life. She’s always pushing the boundaries of what is possible and constantly explores and experiments with different patterns, colours and textures. Step inside the Salty Dog Boutique doors, Virginie. You’ve earned it.

Sophie Nichols

If Sophie was a tool, she’d be a Swiss Army Knife. A Jill of all Trades, she began making things ever since she could use her hands. As a child, she could often be found sketching characters from her favourite books, sewing costumes for her toys or rummaging in the bin for a matchbox to make a tiny house. She’s eternally curious about nature, collecting bugs and butterflies as a child to examine under a microscope. This curiosity, coupled with a growing love for with animals, led her to start making up short stories that turned into a full time course in puppetry and theatre design at university. After that, she mastered embroidery, carpentry, engineering, felting, paper sculpture and many other skills to ensure the pieces she made were the best and most detailed they could be. This meticulous streak informs her work as a toymaker and has opened a window to her childhood, where joy and wonder flood in. A multi-skilled artist, Sophie is a worthy addition to the Salty Dog Boutique art collective.