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We’ve been fortunate to be able to put together the most talented group of pet people who are not only passionate about animals, but they also care about humans too. It’s a wonderful mix of experience, creativity and, of course, the strongest foundation for success – love. We believe the best businesses are about the three P’s – passion, professionalism and perfection and we’re committed to all three. We are a luxury brand offering dog accessories, pet accessories and dog grooming products but it’s not just in the materials that we use or the products we sell. It’s because we’re committed to you, to excellence, and to making the world a better place for the animals we serve.


Hannah Ruding-Bryan - Director

I’m passionate about what I do and meticulous about bringing the highest quality luxury pet products and services to clients. I’m a perfectionist, which means I strive for the exceptional. Coming from a teaching and performing arts background, I’ve combined head and heart, resulting in the finest ethically-sourced luxury goods and services, wrapped in a bow of practicality and a customer service ethic that’s second to none. For me, The Salty Dog Boutique is about creating individually styled products and services for the most discerning of owners and their pets, big and small. Products and services that deliver impact with a twist, practicality, and, of course, unrivalled luxury. I am pet mum to Darcey and Margot, our Boston Terrier sisters, Audrey the bonkers Great Dane, Cornelius and Ophelia the Maine Coon twins. I could not image a life without my fur babies.

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